Mumbai Walks

William Henry Davies was so right when he said, “We have no time to stand and stare”. Even the term ‘very busy’ would be an understatement to describe the life of an average Mumbaikar who stays/works in the beautiful island city but still does not ‘see’ it at all.

When you tell a Mumbaikar who comes to work in South Mumbai every day, “Chal tujhe Mumbai Ghumate hai” you will be laughed off saying it is but a concrete jungle with offices scattered all over and nothing much to see. Not many people know the real South Mumbai and its treasure trove of culture, architectural beauty, quaint makbaras, old temples and authentic old-world and charming eateries.

Mumbai University, Gargoyle,

A Gargoyle at the Mumbai University building

Reminiscent of British architecture, this Gargoyle adorn the Mumbai University building at Churchgate, Mumbai. A Gargoyle is a carved stone grotesque, usually made of granite with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between.

David Sassoon

 David Sassoon Library

A white stone bust of David Sassoon at the entrance portico of David Sassoon Library, Churchgate, Mumbai. The David Sassoon Library built in 1970, it remains one of the oldest libraries in the city housing about 40,000 books in English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi. — with Udaan Photoschool and Mumbai Fotos at David Sassoon Library.

Horniman Circle Gardens

Horniman Circle Gardens still is has the sightings of the original 19th century street furniture including wrought iron fencing, ornamental gates, and street lamps (in the picture above).

Architectural ornamental faces on The Oriental Building

The Oriental Building

Architectural ornamental faces adorning The Oriental Building (top and below), built in 1885, was one of the first few buildings to come up in the fort area and originally housed the Cathedral School. In 1893, the building was sold to the Oriental Life Assurance Company; and with the proceeds the present Senior School building, a beautiful blend of Gothic and Indian architecture, was erected and occupied in 1896.

Architectural ornamental faces on The Oriental Building

One response to “Mumbai Walks

  1. Seen the gargoyle at CST station. There are many such and surprisingly they are the most artistic exit ducts ( i have ever seen)
    for the rain water that gets collected on the rooftop.

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