Mahim ka Mela

The Yearly “Urs festival” at the Mahim Dargah since 1431, at burial of Makhtoom Fakir Ali Paru (Makhdoom Ali Mahimi), a famous Qazi of Mahim, is 12 days long event starts every 20 of December.


Held at the dusty Mahim beach is full of people on giant wheels, toy trains and enjoying gravity-defying stunts in the ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ and more attractions like Qawaalis, Sufi music and Lectures along with food stalls and fun and fair ..”


The real charms of the the Mahim Fair begins after dark, when the lights make everything magical and mystical.


The Dare devils show stunts on their motorcycles and maruti 800 cars in the ‘Maut ka Kuan’ or ‘Well of death’ at #the Mahim Fair.


This left us totally zapped! the ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ at the Mahim Fair. Here inside a man-made huge tub, daredevil motorcycle and car stuntmen defy laws of gravity and perform stunts with no helmets or net to protect. With lot of practice they perform acts that reminds you of the laws of physics that we had forgot after passing high school.


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