One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Some of us still remember them; film cameras. Some of us still have them. Not that this is a bad thing by any means. At least not until that camera has been sitting in a box for decades and you doubt you will ever pick it up again. At that point it becomes an annoyance. What to do with that old film camera now that the love is gone? Sell it, Use it or donate it. 



Most of them today land up in shops like Jini Camera Center, a small street-side buyer-seller-and repair shop for old cameras, hidden somewhere in the by-lanes of Mumbai, Princess Street (D.N Road).

What happens to them? Well, that was a question I asked Mr. Jini (in the picture above) and the answer was not surprising; most of them are bought by film-makers to be used as props in movies and they buy in bulk as per him, the last order was for some 10,000 used cameras, I wonder which kind of movie use cameras as prop in bulk? Not that blasting cameras on screen is as interesting as blasting cars.

Another smaller set of buyers are people looking for old and antique cameras to use them as decorative in their house / shops and few are technicians who remove part from these to replaced them in cameras come to them for repair.

Here is a quick suggestion for anyone who loves their cameras and wants to see what happens when they let go of them in one of the worlds most populated cities. A walk through the Princess Street, D. N Road, Mumbai is a must. Hundreds of dealers are present here selling second hand film models, brand new digital gear, lenses, bags, tripods, photographic books and a wide range of too-cheap-to-be-true memory cards.

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